Bhutan Discovered

02/27/2021 through 11/08/2022
02/27/2021 through 11/17/2022
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Bhutan Discovered

Bhutan is Asia’s best-kept secret. Overshadowed and nestled between China and India, it is a relatively new travel spot, with many undiscovered secrets in its natural scenery and quiet townships. The land is dotted with red-clothed monks, ancient Buddhist temples, and friendly smiles. It is one calm country, where gross national happiness is more important than money, where chilies are used as a vegetable rather than for spice, and the thunder dragon, Druk, is emblazoned on the national flag, symbolising the people of Bhutan: loyal, patriotic and living with a total sense of belonging within the kingdom.


  • Thimphu – Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Centre
  • Thimphu – Nado Poizokhang Incense Factory
  • Complimentary Airport Arrival Transfer
  • Thimphu – National Memorial Chorten
  • Thimphu – Village walk & picnic lunch
  • Thimphu – Choki Traditional Art School
  • Thimphu – Drubthob Nunnery
  • Thimphu – National Textile Museum
  • Punakha Valley – Chimi Lhakhang
  • Punakha – Punakha Dzong
  • Paro – Home cooked dinner & family visit
  • Paro – Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery hike
  • Complimentary Airport Departure Transfer


  • According to Lonely Planet, Bhutan is the top country to visit in 2020: here’s why we agree:
  • A magical kingdom in the Himalayas nestled between two spiritual hubs, Tibet and India, it would be hard not to feel closer to enlightenment in this hidden paradise.
  • Bhutan is quite possibly the most environmentally friendly country in the world; by law, 60% of the country must remain protected national forest and the country actually absorbs more carbon than it uses.
  • Journey to Taktsang, commonly known as the Tiger’s Nest, the small monastery clinging to a rocky cliff 900 metres above the valley floor, and soak in its magnificence.
  • While it’s legal to consume imported meat, the slaughtering animals for consumption within Bhutan are outright banned therefore delicious veggie dishes are varied and bountiful at every meal.
  • Hike to the top of Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, a monastery built to bring peace to the world, and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and surrounding rice terraces.


Day 1 Paro - Thimphu
Day 2 Thimphu
Day 3 Punakha
Day 4 Punakha
Day 5 Thimpu - Paro
Day 6 Tiger's Nest Monastery
Day 7 Paro

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