All-Inclusive: The Latest Trend in Travel

You are preparing to book a vacation and your friend says make sure it is all-inclusive. Sounds great, but what does that really mean? The term all-inclusive by definition means that everything is included. However, you will always want to specify to make sure that you and your travel agent have a clear understanding. To help you we want to clarify the differences in a few of the terms used for you.

1) All-inclusive Vacation: This term is used to indicate a vacation that includes the flight, accomodations, transportation, meals, and entertainment bundled together for one price. This does not necessarily mean that you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, but it can. An example of an all-inclusive vacation would be a family reunion where everything is bundled into one price.

2) All-inclusive Resort: An all-inclusive resort, in addition to all the amenities of a resort, charges a fixed price that includes most or all items offered. At a minimum, most of these resorts include lodging, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food (three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner), indoor and outdoor activities, and entertainment for a fixed price. Take note that this term in and of itself does not include flights. Also, depending on the resort's amenities, it may or may not include airport transportation.

3) All-Inclusive Destination Resorts: These facilities provide food, drink, lodging, sports, fitness programs, spas, entertainment, and shopping. The booking advantage for these resorts is that guests do not have to leave the resort after arriving. Generally, these facilities offer a higher quality of service than if one were to stay and eat at a regular hotel. Again, take note that this term in and of itself does not include flights. Also, as in the case of the general All-inclusive Resort, it may or may not include airport transportation.

4) Cruises: Once you’ve paid for a cruise, it is possible to enjoy your vacation without added expenses. Meals in the ship’s main dining room are included, as are basic beverages (coffee, tea, water and punch or lemonade) and desserts. Informal dining is usually included, as well, at several other restaurants and cafes onboard. The ship’s swimming pools, fitness areas, sports courts, library and other amenities are all available free of charge. Entertainment, such as live music, magic shows, comedy acts and singing/dancing productions, are part of the onboard experience and rarely have extra charges. At ports of call, passengers may disembark and explore without spending money. Some destinations have beaches on which to relax or swim; others offer outdoor flea markets to peruse or free walking tours. However, many have upgraded options that can be added as well to improve your all-inclusive experience to include your flight, upgraded drink packages, and specialty restaurants.

We hope this brief term overview helps you in your travel booking. KJC Travel proudly specializes in all-inclusive travel and is always available to assist you.